What we do:

TransMarket’s expertise in the field of pharmaceutical market research

- Creative workshops
- Enriched focus groups
- Depth interviews
Input for the brand building process and the development of product communication and positioning strategies
- Market insight analysis
- Analysis of market status quo
Perceptions of products and manufacturers in the marketplace, analysis of the relevance of different prescription drivers and barriers
“How does the market tick? How and where can we win over our target group?”
- Communication labs
- Integrated flow and folder tests
- Working with iPad, Tablet-PC or paper
Testing and development of the optimum communication strategy
“How can we fill the product image with real meaning and make it believable and compelling long term?”
We also provide coaching for sales reps so that they learn how to identify with the flow and supportive materials and are able to communicate with healthcare professionals in an authentic and persuasive manner
- Insight analysis of the doctor-patient dialogue
- Perceptions of symptoms and diagnosis structures
“How are patients familiarized with treatment concepts and drug therapy and what kind of support does the physician need here?”
Also, “How confident are doctors about diagnosing and identifying symptoms in conjunction with difficult areas of indication?”
- Qualitative or quantitative tracking analysis
Penetration check of your company’s image and communicated product-messages. “What have we achieved and do we need to do more?”
- Funnel tracking
Structured analysis of the prescribing potential of different types of specialist visited by sales reps and analysis of potential prescription drivers and barriers that explain the behaviour of the respective target audience. "My product in its competitive setting".
- Patient Market Research
Analysis of patient feedback to improve their treatment and product loyalty. “What do patients think of the supportive healthcare and drug therapy they receive?”
“Moreover, how do patients gauge treatment success and how does this impact influence their feedback about product satisfaction and product evaluation by their prescribers?”
- OTC and self diagnosis
How do the patient, pharmacist and physician all interact with one another?
What drives recommendations and motives for self-treatment?
Patient experience and behaviour
- Coaching of reps
- Understanding the conductive comminication strategy
- Gain the mind of physicians